Where Should I Visit?

My quest for great burgers is never ending. Have a great spot you want to share? Let me know using the form below and I’ll add it to the list and try my best to eat it. Doesn’t matter how close or far away, you never know when you’ll end up in a whole new city! This list is made up of recommendations of other’s favorite burger places, so give some of them a try yourself! If anything is really a winner, feel free to reiterate that and let me know.

Places to visit:

SF Bay Area

San Francisco
Acme Burgerhaus – San Francisco
Broken Record – San Francisco
Grubstake – San Francisco
Mission Beach Cafe – San Francisco (review in the works)
NOPA – San Francisco
Slow Club – San Francisco
Spruce – San Francisco
Umami Burger – San Francisco
Zuni – San Francisco

North Bay – Marin and beyond
The Counter – Corte Madera, and other Bay Area locations. (Been many times, always good, review after next trip.)
Fume – Napa
Norman Rose Tavern – Napa
Squeeze Inn – Sacramento

East Bay/South Bay
900 Grayson – Berkley
Barneys – SF and other Bay Locations
5 Guys – Chain
Dave’s Giant Hamburger – Fairfield
Chop Bar – Oakland
Paragon at the Claremont Hotel – Oakland
True Burger – Oakland
Bud’s Giant Burgers – Vallejo

Rest of California

Central Coast
Sylvester’s – Los Osos, California (my favorite burger in college, but haven’t been back in a few years. A must have!)

Southern California
28 Degrees – Los Angeles, CA
Apple Pan – Los Angeles, CA
Grill ‘Em All Truck – Los Angeles, CA
Golden State – Los Angeles, CA
Umami – Los Angeles
The Rider’s Club – San Clemente, CA
Rocky’s – Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA
Father’s Office – Santa Monica, CA

Burger Me! (Truckee, CA)


Red Mill – Seattle, Washington
Lunchbox Laboratory – Seattle, Washington
Blue Moon Burgers – Seattle, Washington
John Howie’s Steak House- Seattle, Washington
Dick’s – Seattle, Washington (I’ve been before but it’s a classic)


Corey’s Catsup & Mustard – Manchester, Connecticut
The Nest – Bethesda, Maryland
Burger Joint – New York, NY
Local Burger – Northampton, MA
Memphis Taproom – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Marvin and Ray’s Hell Burger – Washington D.C.
Matchbox – Washington D.C. (Sliders)
Shake Shack – East Coast Chain (Shake Stack)


Chicago Diner – Chicago, Illinois (Vegan and Veggie)
Kuma’s – Chicago, Illinois (Metal and burgers and pretzel buns!)
Blanc Burgers + Bottles – Kansas City, MO
The Brick – Kansas City, MO
Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry – Madison, Wisconsin
Old Fashioned – Madison, Wisconsin


Jacmel Inn – Hammond, Louisiana (Kobe beef burger)
Port of Call – New Orleans, Louisiana
Yo Mama’s – New Orleans, Louisiana
La Peniche – New Orleans, Louisiana
Dyer’s – Memphis, Tennessee


Casino El Camino – Austin, Texas
Dirty’s – Austin, Texas
Top Notch – Austin, Texas


Relish – London, Ontario

Will Be Visiting Soon
Los Angeles

If you know of any great burgers in these areas especially, let me know.