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Lombardi’s BBQ – Petaluma CA

Lombardi’s is a great barbecue spot, and it’s quite apparent from when you drive up. The front is lined with large oil-drum barbecues, and you often have to walk through a wall of smoke just to get inside. Inside its a pretty typical deli market, with plenty of barbecued meats. They also have a good selection of obscure root beers and other sodas, a great compliment for any meal there.

Lombardi's BBQ burger

My girlfriend swears by the BBQ chicken sandwich, and I always rotate through the menu. Although it’s only around 45 minutes away from San Francisco, Petaluma has that country essence, which is probably why the bbq is much better than anything nearer to the city.

This time we came with a bunch of friends, and since it was my birthday I decided to give the burger another shot. It had been awhile and I couldn’t remember what I thought about it. They have one burger, a BBQ cheeseburger

Lombardi's BBQ burger

with pepper-jack and a side of potato salad, for $7.99.

The kicker for this burger is it comes on a soft and crusty Dutch Crunch roll. The bun can make or break a burger, and the crunch elevated this burger. My burger was real simple; meat, cheese, and bbq sauce. The cheese was melted to absolute perfection, and a long strand stayed attached to the paper, a la in-n-out. This is a real pepper-jack, where you can see and taste the peppers. It’s not too spicy, but combined with the sweet bbq sauce it’s a winning combo. The flavors aren’t too strong and it is not going to blow you away, but it is a simple and delicious burger made by guys who know how to run a barbecue. This is a burger I will definitely look forward to eating again.


Lombardi’s BBQ
3413 Petaluma Blvd. North,
Petaluma, Ca 94952