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We’re Back

So the site hasn’t been updated in a long time. Time to change that. Things have been a little crazy in my life, and yahoo was playing games with me over my domain, but that is all straightened out now.

In awesome news, I got married this year (proof below). We honeymooned in Greece, where I quickly learned it would be best to stick with Greek food and not try the burgers. I am also taking over the social media department at my work, so this site is even more applicable to what I do now. This is all research… I swear.

In the opposite of awesome news, my work moved our office from San Francisco to Fremont. I now have some new territory to explore, but so far it has been mostly chain restaurants.

But now that my life has settled down a bit, I look forward to getting this going strong again, and maybe even inviting some friends to help me out on here. I updated the look and feel of the site too. Thanks for checking it out!

Keep destroying!

Slightly Old News

So this is somewhat old news, but I just learned that they are getting closer to opening up a 6 lane bowling alley and restaurant in the Mission district. Featured at the restaurant will be the “Mission Burger” which is the currently extinct but highly acclaimed burger from a local duo, one of whom is responsible for the super popular Mission Chinese Food. And a portion of sales will be donated to local youth charities, which is awesome.

San Francisco has a serious lack of bowling, with only two locations each with only a handful of lanes. Though these additional 6 lanes aren’t going to be a great cure, the opportunity for a delicious burger makes it that much more awesome. Rumor on the street has it that two upscale “bowling alleys” are trying to move into SF, but burgers make for a much better atmosphere than those clubs with bowling lanes.

Grand Opening of Super Duper Burger in Downtown SF

Downtown San Francisco. I work here. I have worked here for almost a year now. And until the FiveTen Burger truck rolled into town,
I just have not eaten burgers during lunch. Nearby are the fast food chains, or burger bistro in the Westfield mall. You probably won’t see a Burger Bistro review here, because that means I’d have to eat it again. There’s also a fancy steakhouse on the top floor of the mall, but I forgot what that burger was like, so already it was not worth the price.

Great news came only a few weeks ago, a new burger joint was opening up a block away! From the logo alone I was pretty excited. Super Duper looked to be a non-pretentious place to grab a burger and a shake. And on Wednesday I got to go in before they officially opened, along with the rest of the social media nerds, and have a free burger.
Super Duper

Unfortunately, being in downtown SF, there are tons of social media nerds, and when I arrived the line was huge. These days, apparently nothing is really worth doing unless there is a big line you must stand in, but i digress.

The line ended up moving pretty quickly, and I got into the renovated space. They took over the storefront where Seller’s Market used to be, home of the $9 grilled cheese sandwich. The new layout feels a lot nicer, and you walk in and can see the menu. The loft area looks nice too, and they managed to squeeze a decent amount of seats in. They also are planning to build a little patio out front for a few more seats.
Super Duper

I won’t go into full details about the burger at this time, since I got it free, and it was churned out very fast. Not that it was bad by any stretch, I’d just like to back and take my time and order from their full menu. Their fries taste like what In-N-Out fries should taste like. I realize that is kind of a weird statement, but if you try them I think you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Super Duper

I am very excited to have Super Duper only a block away. They have a chocolate chip Super Shake that sounds real enticing. It is a very traditional kind of burger place, with a simplified menu. They only offer “cheese” and not a choice of what kind of cheese, which I do like. It shows they’ve thought about it and decided their burger is best a specific way. That or it’s just cheaper. Who knows.

It is definitely worth a trip, and if you are nearby it’s going to be your best bet for grabbing a good burger.

Super Duper Burger's Twitter Super Duper Burger's Facebook Page
21 Market Street,
betw. 3rd and 4th streets
San Francisco, CA 94103