I am not a food critic, or a “foodie” or anything like that. I am an average dude who loves burgers. This site is a simple search for the best burgers. No frills, no bs, no arugula dusted truffle-oil burgers, just delicious burgers. I am a burger purist, and don’t like a whole lot of junk on my burger, though my favorite has to be a western bacon cheeseburger.

As for me, I am an interactive designer in San Francisco. I love hockey, photography, music, biking, robots, and obviously burgers. I am hoping to get a lot of high quality images for this site, but it’s not always possible/appropriate to have my SLR with me. When I can though, I will try and do the burgers justice.

I have always had a love for burgers, and had this site planned for over a year and a half until I finally got it going. It is still in its infancy, so expect some tweaks and additions, and if you have any feedback feel free to share it with me. I have a few friends who also share my enthusiasm and may hopefully have some reviews from them as well, covering other parts of the state and maybe even country.

Thank you for visiting, and if you want to send me recommendations/hate mail/a joke about dinosaurs, feel free to use the form below or email me at burgeranddestroy AT gmail .com!

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