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As we all know by now, the newest culinary craze, especially in San Francisco and other big cities, is food trucks. Just about anyone who writes has exhausted this topic, but I have been pretty excited to have them show up a few times a week within walking distance from my work. Without a fresh cycle of trucks though, I’ve gotten bored of them just like the nearby restaurants, but the more options the better.

Then, everything changed.

Menu at 510 Burgers

I heard of a burger truck that would be somewhere in the Financial district. A good 20+ minute walk for me, but there is a severe shortage of decent burgers around my work. I hustled on over to a makeshift food truck get-together, as I’ve never heard of them being there before or after this visit. And there a good size line awaited me. All in all I waited about an hour to order and receive my burger, a fiveten burger with bacon ($7.50). But was it worth it!

510 Burger

I devoured it on the way back to the office, and I believe this was the first time I’ve ever been burned by a burger. Be warned, these are very juicy burgers, and should be eaten immediately, or unwrapped before you transport them. My only complaint is that the juiciness can make your bun soggy quickly if you leave it all wrapped up. And that is rather problematic, seeing as these are some of the best buns I’ve had. They are sweet, fluffy, and flaky,

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on par with the gourmet Zazi burger (who make some of the best rolls in town). Apparently they are custom buns baked fresh locally at north beach bakery co, which I now need to visit.

As mentioned, the patties are juicy and flavorful. Every aspect of the burger compliments each other, and nothing is too overpowering, including the bacon. It is all extremely well balanced. It’s a pretty averaged sized patty at 60z, so it’s definitely good for lunch. A side of the garlic fries will fill you up, and from what I’ve seen they are generous with their portions. Not a big fan of garlic fries or putting my coworkers through its ill-effects so I have held off on them for now, and always end up being full afterwards anyway.

The rest of their menu

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looks pretty good

even though I probably won’t touch it. Chicken, steak, sausage, or truffle-scented grilled cheese sandwiches for those not feeling like a burger (i.e. girlfriends). They also offer a grassfed organic burger for $8.75 that I have yet to pony up for. They are Oakland based, and seem to rotate between Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville and SF.

I’ve trekked to fiveten 3 times now, and I’ve been very satisfied every time. This is the best burger in downtown San Francisco, yet sadly it is only around once a week. You will be hard pressed to find a better burger, especially at the price.


Find and follow Fiveten Burger on twitter and facebook to find out their current schedule.

510 Burger Twitter 510 Burger Facebook Page

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    Can you please take me with you next time? I don’t have time to follow them on Twitter. Thanks!

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